Haemotronic S.p.a.

Haemotronic S.p.a.

Via Carreri 16,
41037 Mirandola (MO)
Telefono +39.0535.619611+39.0386.807111
Fax +39.0535.24286
Website: www.haemotronic.it
E-mail: info@haemotronic.it


Product Description

Company description
Haemotronic designs, manufactures and sells worldwide a broad range of medical components and medical devices, with the commitment of total customers’ satisfaction.

Haemotronic is a well-known market leader offering a broad catalogue of Medical Disposables: bags, tubes and components, as OEM or as part of customized sterile devices .

We have the expertise to offer a fully integrated service to Medical and Pharmaceutical market from industrial design and prototyping to finish products. We understand the value of combining flexibility, readyness and involvement of a family owned business with a clear focus on innovation and internationalization.